Billboard Campaign Mantyhose Shocks Croatian Public

With this campaign, outdoor akzent wanted to restore the billboard as a medium to its former glory and promote double formats within the network to emphasise the quality of the network and the visibility of the campaign.

We have also noticed that clients are increasingly looking for larger formats with national reach. The lack of this type of national network prompted us to implement this project. It is a smaller format (25 sq.m), which is still large enough to highlight messages tending towards large formats.

The campaign achieved a very high intensity of promotional contact. According to an Ipsos survey, the visibility of the Mantyhose campaign was at 68%. The desired interaction, high reach and frequency, and targeted contact were achieved.

The campaign was implemented at 150 locations, meaning 300 surfaces with an emphasis on large cities, with 60 locations in Zagreb, 30 in Rijeka, 30 in Split, and 15 in Osijek.

The highest visibility was recorded in Zagreb – 76%, and in Rijeka – 70%, with other cities at 45-50%.

The campaign was launched for 7 days on a standard format space (5 x 2.5 m) with a teaser message “are you man enough?”, and continued in the next period, when an additional poster was pasted on the adjacent face with a visible advertisement for the product – men’s pantyhose.

The somewhat controversial advertisement managed to stir quite an interest among the audience in the first week, as evidenced by various newspaper articles and inquiries in stores related to the product. When the entire advertisement was unveiled, the campaign became a hit. The campaign was implemented only on billboards, therefore, there were no other media in the campaign, which shows that the project succeeded completely despite the reactions of the male sex: “Men’s pantyhose, not something we’d actually want to wear.”