About outdoor akzent Croatia

With the motto “A good poster is seen far and wide”, the company outdoor akzent d.o.o., even after two decades of successful business in Croatia, still focuses on strengthening the OOH business. Owing to this business philosophy, the company is in a position to keep growing and attracting quality investments based on long-term concessions. 

Our media portfolio extends from traditional billboard/poster media to niche media such as city light scrollers at entrances of medical centres, hospitals and sports facilities.

We offer our clients a whole range or quality out-of-home media solutions: billboard, city light, wallscape, and megaboard. The homogeneous network of outdoor akzent media enables advertising at the national level on a total of more than 2,500 surfaces.

We offer our clients completely individualised integrated OOH advertising solutions. Our team is oriented towards providing clients with comprehensive solutions, from product to service. Clients can rely on our complete support and know-how when it comes to campaign implementation and production.

Our international know-how is indispensable in strategic planning and consulting clients, as well as with developing software tools related to outdoor advertising, providing the client with better insight into the micro-location and the campaign itself. Outdoor akzent is the only company on the market whose categorisation of advertising space has been created based on research used in central Europe.

As a leader in the field of innovations elevating the visibility of out-of-home media, we were the first to introduce advertising on double formats – the doubleboard, allowing for greater creativity and more content on the billboard as a medium with its 24 sq. m.

It was precisely the reason why we introduced OUTWARD 19 years ago – the award for the best large format poster, in order to stimulate better concept design for large format billboards.

The “Say It Loud and Clear” project marked the company’s 20 years in business, with the aim of emphasising the important role and great reach of billboards in advertising and demonstrating the possibilities in bringing multiple media together in an interactive campaign.

We have successfully transformed the oldest advertising medium into a 21st century medium, following the social and consumer trends of customers. We build brands by inspiring people with powerful OOH campaigns.