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CMS – Campaign Management System is outdoor akzent’s sales platform, integrating all the latest tools for planning OOH campaigns. Modelled after European OOH sales platforms with tailor-made options for the Croatian outdoor advertising market. The CMS integrates sales tools that give the client a detailed insight into the location/panel, and in addition to the address and a photo of the location, you get an interactive map with a street view insight into the location. Clients are given the option to plan the campaign on their own with detailed insight, which means that they actively participate in the selection of locations.

CMS – OOH campaign planning with POI (point of interest), executed in such a way that the client determines the distance at which OOH media is targeted, for example within 500 m from sales outlets. CMS plans and displays all locations/media at a given distance from the sales outlet. 

CMS – modern OOH campaign planning both nationally and locally.

CMS – integrates the VAC (Visibility Adjustment Control) method, a European measurement of billboard efficiency through traffic count and technical characteristics of the location and the panel.

The CMS automatically selects locations according to a series of set parameters:

  • Optimal distribution in terms of coverage
  • Selection of locations according to the default POI of the desired subject (internet GPS)
  • The desired distance from one panel to another

The VAC method, used by outdoor akzent to categorise the network of its advertising space in Croatia, enables optimal planning of the campaign that gives the greatest effect. Outdoor akzent’s method of categorisation of outdoor inventory provides the client with value for money. It means that the client buys a certain value of OTS / advertising visibility, all according to the method that is the norm in outdoor advertising worldwide.


VAC uses the parameters of the structure (panel position, distance from the road, height, illumination, etc.), traffic count, information on the approach i.e. the length of travel from the moment the billboard is noticed and the possibility of contact as a whole to calculate the value of the advertising space.