The buildings, now covered in various spellbinding shapes, are no longer dull and dreary – all thanks to our creative wallscapes.

The wallscape is big and strong, and all day long can do no wrong. With permanent residence on the building’s face it attracts attention, watching over the countless cars in the intersection with care and affection.

  • Urban façades
  • Premium locations

                                  Wallscape advertising price list







Zagreb, Savska – Prisavlje

lijevi 4,5 x 5,2m; desni 5,2 x 5,2m




Zagreb, Vukovarska – Savska

8 x 12m




Split, Ulica Hrvatske mornarice – Zrinsko Frankopanska ulica

4 x 14m




Split, Zagrebačka 37

3 x 6m




Split, Ulica Slobode – Matice Hrvatske

4 x 7m




Rijeka, Ulica 1. maja

5 x 8m



In the event of an exchange rate difference of more than 5%, the service provider reserves the right to change the exchange rate. VAT is not included in the price.

The price list is valid from 01/03/2019

Wallscape terms of rental

  • The launch of the campaign depends on the availability of the ad space
  • The advertising price is agreed on a monthly basis
  • The advertising price depends on the traffic count in the location and the format
  • The advertising price of each location is calculated separately (depending on the input costs of installation, lighting, rental, etc.)

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of outdoor akzent d.o.o., Krapinska 27, Zagreb

General Terms and Conditions apply to all clients renting outdoor akzent advertising space, unless specified otherwise within a separate contract. General Terms and Conditions, as an annex, form an integral part of the purchase order and contract. These revised and amended General Terms and Conditions take effect on 01/03/2019.

Article 1

Advertising campaign services shall be ordered in writing, using an original purchase order.

Every order must include: number and date, campaign name (for direct clients) or the name of the third party the services are to be provided to (for agencies), type and value of the services, quantity and size of the advertising space, and campaign duration. Order modifications shall also be done in writing.                                                    

Article 2

For long-term rental advertising campaigns confirmed by a written purchase order, the cancellation notice period shall be 60 days. This provision also applies to all campaigns which are not under a contract.

Article 3

Orders from Article 1 may be cancelled by the client without incurring a fee by providing a written explanation at the latest 29 days before the start of advertising. Otherwise, the following fees shall apply:

·         50% of the total campaign value if cancelled 28 days before the start of the campaign

·         75% of the total campaign value if cancelled 14 days before the start of the campaign

·         100% of the total campaign value if cancelled less than 14 days before the start of the campaign

outdoor akzent reserves the right to cancel orders/campaigns at any time at its own discretion.

Article 4

outdoor akzent shall not be held responsible in the event of the advertising/billboard material being confiscated by third parties, irrespective of the reason, and reserves the right to charge the full contractual fee.

The client shall bear all legal consequences of illegal advertising and assume all costs and damages resulting from illegal advertising. In the case of illegal advertising or copyright infringement, the client shall directly assume all responsibilities towards the third party, which means that the client guarantees that in the event of proceedings being initiated against outdoor akzent on the basis of the above, the client shall assume all responsibilities and costs owed to third parties as well as the litigation costs and interest. The client also undertakes to pay back / provide compensation for all costs and fees that outdoor akzent may incur due to illegal advertising of the client’s contested content.

Article 5

The price list for outdoor akzent’s advertising space is an integral part of the standard terms and is applicable from 01/03/2019. The prices are in euro, converted to Croatian kuna. In the case of an exchange rate difference of more than 5%, the service provider reserves the right to change the exchange rate. 

Any changes to the advertising price list shall be published at least 28 days before they take effect.                

Article 6

The payment deadline for issued invoices is 8 days from the date of issue, unless agreed otherwise by the contracting parties. In the event of a late payment, outdoor akzent shall charge the statutory interest rate on the payment.

Outdoor akzent shall grant a 5% discount on advance payments.

Invoice complaints are accepted within 5 days of the receipt of the invoice; otherwise, the invoice shall be considered fully accurate and chargeable.

Article 7

Advertising campaigns shall start in accordance with the Posting Calendar, which is an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions. Campaigns can last for fourteen days or several periods (depending on the order) and are extended in proportion with the time needed for posting within the entire territory of Croatia.

outdoor akzent shall post the advertising campaign within 48 hours in the city of Zagreb and within 96 hours in the rest of Croatia.

Exceptionally, the posting deadlines may be extended due to bad weather conditions or other conditions which cannot be directly controlled by outdoor akzent.

Article 8

outdoor akzent reserves the right to take photographs of its advertising space regardless of the advertisements/campaigns posted on it and to use them for its own promotional and marketing purposes.

Article 9

For campaigns with humanitarian, sports and cultural content, outdoor akzent shall grant special discounts, depending on the available capacities during the period.

Article 10

In case of force majeure and damage to the advertising space due to reasons for which outdoor akzent cannot be held responsible, outdoor akzent is absolved of responsibility to fulfil the order in the location in question as well as to compensate this damage to the client. In such cases, outdoor akzent undertakes to offer alternative, replacement space for the affected location.

outdoor akzent does not guarantee that the advertising space will be functional and visible for the whole duration of the campaign. There may be short periods of damage or restricted visibility caused by adverse weather conditions, third party and similar, which does not grant the client the right to seek damages or request any kind of additional services.

If the advertising space cannot be used due to a restriction imposed by the competent authorities, the plot owner, or due to force majeure, the contract / purchase order is considered to be invalid and the client does not have the right to seek damages, except for a refund of any advance payments for this space.

Complaints shall be deemed valid if they are made in writing and within 7 days from the day the poster was installed with a detailed description and photographs of the damage. Complaints shall not be accepted after this deadline.

If a device malfunction occurs during the rental of digital media, making broadcasting impossible, outdoor akzent shall provide an alternative location with the same advertising space format and value. If the client does not accept the offered alternative location, outdoor akzent undertakes to pay damages up to the value of one campaign period (14 days).

Article 11

The client must deliver the poster proof to outdoor akzent 7 days before the start of the campaign as well as deliver printed posters 3 days before posting, at the latest by Monday at 11 a.m., to outdoor akzent’s warehouse in Zagreb, Fallerovo šetalište 22a, within “Končar” company compound, hall C. If the poster proof or printed posters are not delivered in time, the client shall pay the full price of the campaign and may not request the campaign to be extended, and shall pay the costs of late posting in accordance with the price list for late posting / posting outside of the regular posting calendar.

outdoor akzent undertakes to keep the advertising space in a suitable condition until the end of the campaign, and the client undertakes to ensure at least 20% more posters.

If the service provider does not receive backup posters, the service provider shall assume no responsibility for the posters being in a poor condition during the campaign.

Article 12 

outdoor akzent collects and processes the data subject’s personal data for the purpose of concluding and fulfilling the contract; outdoor akzent may transfer this data to related persons and contracting partners for the purpose of implementing business processes as well as to competent authorities in accordance with the applicable regulations. The data subject has the right to request access to his personal data, to have his data rectified and erased / restrict its processing, withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data, object to the processing of personal data and the right to transmit the data to another controller. If you, as the data subject, believe that your personal data is incomplete, inaccurate or out-of-date, please contact us via email at dpo@outdoor-akzent.hr and request your data to be completed, changed or erased accordingly. All special circumstances regarding personal data shall be agreed on upon establishing and performing a specific business relationship.

Article 13

The General Terms and Conditions and obligations arising from the General Terms and Conditions shall take effect on the day an advertising campaign is ordered or a contract is concluded.

The General Terms and Conditions shall apply indefinitely or until they are amended.

Article 14

Any disputes arising from the business relationship concluded by a contract and an order of services, which are based on these General Terms and Conditions, shall be resolved amicably by the disputing parties; if an agreement cannot be reached, the court in Zagreb shall be the competent court.

In Zagreb, 01/01/2019

outdoor akzent d.o.o.