The VAC method, used by outdoor akzent to categorise the network of its advertising space in Croatia, enables optimal planning of the campaign that gives the greatest effect. Outdoor akzent’s method of categorisation of outdoor inventory provides the client with value for money. It means that the client buys a certain value of OTS / advertising visibility, all according to the method that is the norm in outdoor advertising worldwide.

This method of planning achieves a high degree of campaign efficiency and contact with the best use of the client’s budget.

The VAC method consists of several segments of measurement and research:

  •        Outdoor akzent advertising inventory mapping system.
  •        Classification of advertising inventory – through questions about how many people have the opportunity to see the billboard – VA, and the visibility of the billboard for the audience, i.e. how many people have a realistic opportunity to see the billboard – ROTS.
  •        ROTS and VA form VAC – visibility adjusted contact – contact that contains the adjustment of both ROTS + VA factors.
  •        ROTS – traffic flows – traffic intensity map + visibility area.
  •        The method we use in the categorisation of panels is a commonly used method in Europe and emphasises the parameters that the advertising space must meet in order to be visible (technical parameters) and to be noticed – traffic count.