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Company’s goals

Our ultimate goal is to provide quality service for the local advertising industry by evaluating advertising billboards integrating local statistical data. This is a very significant instrument for clients and it strengthens the entire business segment.


outdoor akzent intends to seize dynamic position as a designer on the market and take responsibility for the development and creative organization of the market for outdoor advertising.

outdoor akzent has a clear vision, to become one of the leaders on the market. What is especially important is our desire to match this leading position with the quality in the sphere of advertising media, the quality of location and service by focusing on the company’s strategy.

Market analysis, position evaluation, plans for putting up posters and for media advertising, tools for providing service, as well as technical innovations.

To represent the most important development tasks so the group can, in original ways, fix its position on the market and ensure its future.

In the immediate future we intend to expand our classical business activities connected with advertising billboards and to follow contemporary European trends.

We intend to present new types of advertising, which will bring significant improvements to the image of outdoor advertising and to guarantee quality service for the local advertising industry.

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