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CL on streetlights

CL on streetlights

The advertising company Outdoor Akzent offers advertising services for your products and services by means of a new billboard type - City Light – mounted on streetlights, 140 x 100 cm in size.

City Lights on streetlights are intended for advertising small-enterprise owners in the form of sign posts, as well as for advertising large advertisers on sign posts pointing to their distribution centres or for a local image campaign within national campaigns, hence for local reinforcement of national distribution. The City Light campaign is active and in plain view of passers-by 24-hours a day. This medium offers quality and simplicity, as well as low campaign costs.

Lease of CL
Size: 1,4 x 1 m

Price of leasing both sides:

VAT is not included in the price.
Minimum lease period is 3 months.
We grant a 5% discount on advance payment if the payment is made 3 days prior to campaign launch and a 7% discount on advance payment for a year in advance.

Additional quantity rebate, depending on the leased package:

Locations are offered only as a part of the package, i.e. networked.
Choosing individual locations is not possible.

Making an advertisement 1.4 x 1 m in size (4 colours).
Printing set-up is delivered by E-mail or on a CD and is not included in the poster-making price.
The price of initial posting is included in the lease price, and every subsequent posting and removing is charged HRK 500 per piece + VAT.
Payment must be made in advance.


0-40 pcs.200 kn/piece
40-60 pcs.135 kn/piece
60-80 pcs.100 kn/piece
80-100 pcs.80 kn/piece

Set-up instructions:
Printing (4/3) colour, size 100 x 140 cm
Weight: 150 g City Light paper
Set-up must be in .tiff or .jpg format, CMYK colour system
Resolution: 150 dpi.

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