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General business conditions

General conditions for leasing poster surfaces of outdoor akzent

General lease conditions apply to all clients who lease outdoor akzent advertising surfaces, unless otherwise defined by a special Contract. General conditions are included in the order and they shall come into effect on March 1st, 2007.

Article 1
Advertising surfaces shall be ordered in the written form via original order forms. Every order has to include: number and date, campaign name (with the direct client) or the name of third person that is provided with the services (with the agencies), service type and value, amount and surface size, as well as the time period for the campaign. Adding something to the order should also be done in writing.

Article 2
The written order is delivered to outdoor akzent 45 days before the beginning of advertising campaign. outdoor akzent shall confirm the same within 2 days, unless the parties agree otherwise.

Article 3
For ad campaigns in long-term lease, confirmed by written order, the notice period is two months. This regulation applies to all campaigns without a contract.

Article 4
Orders may be cancelled at least 40 days before advertising starts. Otherwise, we shall charge:
25% of campaign price if the order is called off 40 days before the campaign launch
50% of campaign price if the order is called off 30 days before the campaign launch
75% of campaign price if the order is called off 15 days before the campaign launch

Article 5
outdoor akzent shall not be held liable in case advertising/poster material is confiscated by third persons, regardless of the reasons, and it is entitled to entire contractual compensation.
The Purchaser shall bear all legal sanctions for unlawful advertising and shall compensate for all the expenses and damages arising from it.

Article 6
The price list for leasing outdoor akzent poster surfaces is included in the general conditions, and is valid from March 1st, 2007. The prices are quoted in euros, but are calculated in HRK equivalency, at the mean exchange rate of Raiffeisen bank Zagreb; on the day the receipt has been issued.

Article 7
The invoices should be paid within 8 days from the date they were issued, unless the parties agree otherwise. In the event of overdue payments outdoor akzent shall calculate default interest as required by law. outdoor akzent shall give 5% discount for advance payments.

Article 8
Poster campaigns are launched according to Posting Calendar, which is included in the general business conditions. The campaigns may last fourteen days, twenty-eight days or there can be more periods (depending on the order) and they shall be proportionally extended for the time necessary for putting up posters all over Croatia. outdoor akzent shall, within 48 hours, put up posters on all the leased surfaced in the city of Zagreb, and within 96 hours in the whole of Croatia.

Article 9
Subsequent posting, which exceeds the mentioned periods, shall be charged additionally with EUR 20 per one surface + VAT. Posting sponsorship campaigns is charged EUR 40 per one surface + VAT.

Article 10
outdoor akzent shall maintain all the surfaces in question and keep them in presentable condition until the end of period determined for the campaign; Purchaser shall provide a minimum of 20% extra posters.
The purchaser shall deliver the posters in the abovementioned quantity at least 7 (seven) days before the campaign launch.

Article 11
In the event of Force Majeure, and also if the boards are damaged through no fault of outdoor akzent, the same is exempt from responsibility to carry out the order at those locations as well as to compensate for damages incurred in this manner to the purchaser. In this case, outdoor akzent shall offer an alternative solution for the said location. Complaints are valid only if submitted in written form and this should be done 7 days from the day posters were put up.

Article 12
The purchaser shall deliver the posters and other advertising materials to outdoor akzent 7 days before the campaign launch. In case delivery of posters is delayed, the purchaser shall pay the entire campaign price and shall have no right to demand extension.

Article 13
General leasing conditions are valid from the day poster campaign is ordered.

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