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Billboard as a medium

Billboard as a medium

Billboard - jumbo-sized board is a unique medium that communicates with the mobile audience, mostly in traffic and always outside - out of home. Popularisation of such advertising is a good indicator of recent social and economic changes as well as an indicator of ever-increasing demand for mobility (commuting and shopping).

Main characteristics of jumbo posters:
Poster is a mass medium — great scope.
Advertising message remains unchanged for over 14-30 days.
Average concentration span is 0.52 seconds.
The poster is a real PUSH medium.
The poster acts quickly — fast frequency.
The poster can be applied regionally — regional contact

The advantage of having poster as a medium (source Media com Viena):
Great scope and numerousness are getting through to young and mobile target groups.
The option of choosing the location.
Visual transfer; emotional effect of TV is relived via "Key visuals" on the poster.
Only 0.04 seconds are enough for recognizing an already familiar logo.

Recognizing inadvertently memorized "Key visuals"
Research of “Brandmeyer Markenberatung” company in Hamburg, issued in 2003
confirms that consumers recognize and correctly classify advertising campaigns even if they observe only one part of it
The acquired "Key visuals" for some brand are sufficient to make unambiguous classification
Prerequisite: constant implementation of the same advertising patterns

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