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PIT - Poster Impact Test

Poster Impact Test is a research that tests the creative efficiency and noticeability of posters, i.e. of the advertising campaign.

For campaigns with more than 300 poster surfaces outdoor akzent offers free PIT research.

Spontaneous, triggered and impact remembering of jumbo posters

1st column: spontaneous remembering jumbo posters when asked about all posters

2nd column: spontaneous remembering jumbo posters when asked about posters from the automotive filed

3rd column: remembering jumbo posters when mentioning the brand

4th column: remembering jumbo posters when shown the poster

5th column: impact remembering

Goals and methodology

At the demand of the outdoor akzent agency, the Puls agency carried out a "PIT - Poster Impact Test" for the advertising campaign implemented in the form of jumbo posters for the new Mercedes Vito.

The main goal of the research was to test the noticeability and the efficiency of the said advertising campaign.
For that purpose we implemented PIT (Poster Impact Test), developed by the Austrian organisation Gallup. The method applied in the research was face-to-face, and it was carried out in the streets of three Croatian cities (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka) between November 26th and 28th.

200 subjects were involved in the research. Pattern features are shown in the table.

Social and demographic characteristics of research subjects

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